Hello Fellow Vizsla Enthusiasts,

Here is our May Newsletter for our Vizsla organization. We have been trying our best to follow up online through FB, Email, and text correspondence. Thank you all for your patience.

Recent News: We have moved our organization from the Midwest down south, Florida to be exact. We enjoyed the many years of bird hunting thought the Midwest. The warmer weather and family called us to the south. We are still committed to the outstanding lineage of the best Vizslas possible. Our commitment to pursuing the greatest possible genetics for our breeding program is paramount to our success.

Lately: We have been working on our Off Grid home for: both us and our red headed friends. The friendly forest in NW Florida, near the Econfina Wildlife Preserve, allows our dogs plenty of opportunities to explore the wildlife, and stalk prey at their will. They Love IT.

Due to exceeding demand for dogs, we currently have a waitlist for puppies and trained dogs.

Please Contact Brandon or Cat for more information.


Brandon and Cat